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next easter, next holiday. a man opened fire on a deputy, it happened in unincorporated solar. the suspect fired his handgun missing the deputy and officers set up a perimeter but they could not find him. they did not release a description of the gunman or the suspect. there is an assault weapons ban and the nra is now turning to universal background checks. >> the whole thing is a dishonest premise. criminals are not going to be checked, they are not going to do this. the shooters in tucson, aurora, they are not going to be checked. >> reporter: 90% of americans want university background
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checks. >> this is about the public wanting to be safe on their streets and this is about the public having the right to buy arms and the right to protect themselves and to use them for support and for hunting and it is about the rights to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill. >> they believe they will do the right thing because the public has spoken clearly. die and finestein -- dianne finestein said the bill is not dead and she will get the bill on the floor and demanded senators be counted. you all live with those votes and when asked about it, you come up for reelection. pelosi will mark the 20th anniversary family leave act and they will celebrate guaranteed workers celebrate for time off. it is up to 12 weeks for care
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of a new baby or for the worker to recover from an ill necessary. it implies that they cover it and that the law should be toughened. thousands of diehard runners pounded the pavement at the running festival. this and wall event is gaining momentum in the running world. the first group of runners left the starting line near snow park at 7:30 this morning. >> i am not from the bay area but for me it was a great way to see all of oakland for the first time you know on the streets. >> the oakland festival had events for every skill level. including a half marathon and a fun run for the kids and it took just over two and a half hours for winners of the full marathon to cross the finish
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line. >> on the women's side devon set a new event record. >> it is so satisfying. i don't think there is anything more satisfying than the competition in june. >> more than 9,000 runners took part and the organizers say this event has been steadily growing in popularity. >> annual increases have been 50% every year and we are really pleased with those numbers. >> this is only the 4th year of the event. >> this marathon gives oakland a chance to put its best foot forward. >> i think we should to it and this is something they to best
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in. in oakland alex savage ktvu channel 2 news. >> you can go to a slide show on our website just check on the tab. whyfie focuses on indoor mapping and they can detect a smart phone user's location in a building using wi-fi signals. they have not given any details and they are among several the cupertino company has made in an effort to improve its navigation capabilities. they have applied showing a woman gagged and bound showing the kardashian sisters. somebody leaked this on the internet and they said they deeply regret this incident and
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the mock up ads are contrary to the decency one ford. the cost of gas is beginning to slowly drop around the country. gas prices dropped around 3 cents per gallon to a nationwide average of 371 per gallon -- $3.71 per gallon. gas is about $4.14 per gallon and in san jose it is $4.03. as high as it may seem, prices are lower than it was the last year. >> here is the new hoping between pacifica to build in why years. it is heaving them stranded for
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hours but they will be stuck in traffic for hours after tomorrow's ceremony. they are taking over tolls and there are a few ways of paying the new tolls. the first is fast track which will remain place or you can do a pay-as-you-go which will be a kiosk. drivers who doesn't choose any of those options will have them photographed with security cameras and the bill will be registered to the vehicles. they are working together to free a hawk caught on a utility pole . the pore guy was stuck and wildlife emergency services were called about a hawk with accord tangled on its foot 30 feet above the ground. they tried to get a worker
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there to free the hawk and it was reunited with its family there. we will show you a bizarre video. >> and our meteorologist will show you how much rain will come and how much we will get, stay tuned for more.
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. nobody was hurt when a tree fell on a large area. the tree had been dealing with heavy rains and wind this weekend. no rain like that and we'll see some changes this week. >> we need the rain but the question is how much will we
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get. we look outside in san francisco where the winds are blowing and it's a westerly breeze and the transformation is taking place and san francisco is already feeling it. we are 5 degrees cooler than where we were and take a look at fairfield and antioch. we are still 2-degrees above where we were yesterday and the on shore breeze is back and that's already cooling us down. low clouds will be returning to the coast seeping into the bay and as we return to the area, i expect low clouds for the morning drive. cooler temperatures are in store for the second half of the day and a cool damp pattern as we get into mid-week wednesday. the ridge of high pressure is beginning to weaken and high clouds are over hid and if you look ahead, there is a few high
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which ispy clouds and still to the north, i point -- which ispy clouds and this will be breaking down the ridge of high pressure over the next few hours and we will begin to see a cooler air mass in place and cooler air mass is beginning to work its way in and low clouds are forming as well. this is what i expect around the bay area and around the east bay and perhaps down into san jose, for the afternoon high clouds and filtered sunshine and notice how thick it is. we will be dry nor monday -- for monday and on tuesday it drops out of alaska and it will continue the on shore breeze and by wednesday we are beginning to see the rain over southern california and pop up along the coastline. it is not a lot but it will be unsettled and we will have a few sprinkles thursday and
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sunday and as we move into easter weekend. cooler temperatures, 46 in oakland 43 san rafael 43 mountain view and for the mid- afternoon areas like novato, 64 is a san rafael. 63 in antioch and antioch right now is in the lower 70s. 63 pleasanton and 66 in san jose, the extended forecast, morning clouds followed by a cooler pattern, monday and tuesday and a possibility of a few scattered showers, thursday and friday a better chance will arrive and we have our best chance of getting some rain and that will move in but the computer models are in disagreement of how much we'll see and when of course. >> but it is -- the easter bunny better be waterproof.
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anthony adams announced his retirement in a slightly different fashion today. >> i am retiring today... >> reporter: he put this recording at a white castle and he is known for his sense of humor and that reputation followed him as he moved on to the chicago bears. >> and he goes out and brings a smile to everyone. ncaa basketball tournament produce last minute heroics. and this is the first time with the women's ncaa tournament, sports wrap is next. we're here! we're going to the park!
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. good evening everyone and welcome to the sports wrap. they have a bit of a test in their opening game today against tulsa and the cardinals were at home facing the 16 seeded. gold end hurricanes were tied at the end of the first half and they had a put back. but stamford came out in the second half and took the early lead and they had a move down low, she gets a move despite the foul and cardinals did not trail after this. it was part of the onslaught on to a 14 point game and the man yourty goes into it, and she
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gets two more and stamford goes on to win it, 32 and 2. they next face the winner of michigan villanova and a day with some kind of finishes we come to expect and they paired it down to 16 and 10 seeded iowa state, giving them all they wanted. >> they said if they can't, they will get down to 3 and a half minutes and cyclone failed by 2 as they hit this, i stayed in front and the buckeyes call add time out with 29 second left, they decided to go for up with more shot but it was that perfect. owes celebrates the final 16 and arizona awaits the buckeyes. tom crane and top seeded
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indiana faces tumble finding him underneath for the hoosiers. they are tied with 6.5 minutes left and it is a long 3. it was back and forth down the stretch and temple needs to stop. he hits the three with indiana and hoosiers had a pair of 3s syracuse is next up for indian in >> >> two of college basketball programs meeting in the south region where it was top seeded kansas against north carolina. he had his 300th career win and it looks like he might not get it, he flies in tar-heels up to an early leave and it was half- time and them in the second half. big man jams down two of his 16 and the tar-heels win by 20 points in the second half and
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win 07--- 07-58. gators get the winner of san diego state florida gulf coast. brennan said allan had been fired and the school spokesperson said this was not true. he typically would meet to evaluate the season and that meeting has yet to happen. he wanted the out and said he had been misdiagnosed. that team was a pair of hosters. punto got around from eric young but there was no defense for this. jet was a blast with a runner on. this tie is the game and they
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got going at the plate had 4 runs and then got a 5th home run of the year and they go on to win and they have to figure out where to put it in the lineup. they scored 7 through 9 innings and they are 5-4 over the angels. still to come on this early sports rap. we will show you what to be a moment on the gilmore concourse. we will be back in a moment.
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. when you race against guys you are bound to have a few you are not crazy about. tony stewart with 12 laps to go
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and on a restart, he would not let him by. remember that moment, they are on the final lap and they are battling for the lead with hamlin, busch goes up and busch runs away with the first win of the year but there is damage left behind him. take a look, you can see how hamlin hit the wall, got out of the staggered to the car and he was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. he sorted out how he felt about the blocking manpower and pagano -- blocking maneuver and pagano came in 6th. meanwhile they had the first race of the indie car season and j.r. got a little too close to the wall and ended up a little over will powers. hill brand was finished and he
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is considered to be the next rising star and now he has his first career win. and tiger would have been able to regain it for the first time in two and a half years. no drama for sergio garcia but he provided an entertaining moment located on the putt and he took a double bogey and on the 9 hole he later withdrew. he took his approach to the green and this worked every time the ball spins back into the hole for an eagle, it was not much of a factor with 9 strokes back. tiger woods took a two stroke lead into the day an increased it to 3 and then it started raining in florida when they
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say rain, they mean rain and tiger woods was tied. we had an ncaa wrap up tonight -- we have an ncaa wrap up tonight at 10:00. we are looking forward to it, see you then. the search continues for a missing man and these are live pictures. the man was said to have been playing football with friends and this happened around 2:45 this afternoon before he went missing. they are not sure if he went into the water and they launched a helicopter and so far there is no sight of that man. they said his clothing was left on the beach which leaves them with more speculation. we'll see you the next time news breaks. and we are also on and moble
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we'll see you tonight at 9:00, hope to see you then. . >> thanks for watching.
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here's the problem with teleportation. lay it on me. assuming a device could be invented which would identify the quantum state of matter of an individual in one location and transmit that pattern to a distant location for reassembly you would not have actually transported the individual. you would have destroyed him in one location and recreated him in another. how about that? personally, i would never use a transporter, because the original sheldon would have to be disintegrated in order to create a new sheldon. would the new sheldon be in any way an improvement on the old sheldon? no, he would be exactly the same. that is a problem. so you see it, too. gablehauser: dr. hofstadter. dr. cooper. dr. gablehauser. dr. gablehauser. gentlemen, i'd like you to meet dennis kim. dennis is a highly sought-after doctoral candidate and we're hoping to have him do his graduate work here.
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graduate work. very impressive. and he's only 15 years old. not bad-- i, myself, started graduate school at 14. well, i lost a year while my family was tunneling out of north korea. advantage: kim. gablehauser: i thought maybe you boys could show dennis around. let him see why we're the best physics research facility in the country. i already know you're not. you don't have an open science grid computer or a free electron laser and the string theory research being done here is nothing but a dead end. excuse me, that is my research and it is by no means a dead end. well, obviously you don't see it yet but trust me, you will. gablehauser: dennis, we've discussed this. we're in the process of updating our equipment, and we welcome your input on our research goals and we've agreed to look the other way if you want to use up to 20% of the grant money you attract to smuggle your grandfather out of pyongyang. we want him here, boys. make it happen. yes, sir.

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